Umpires and scorers represent the 'Third Team' during a cricket match and as such perform a vital role, both on and off the field, by upholding the Laws and Spirit of Cricket, applying Playing Conditions, and managing every game and recording it for history.

The New Zealand Cricket Umpires' and Scorers' Association (NZCUSA), in combination with its six regional affiliates, oversees umpiring and scoring issues at all recreational levels of cricket throughout New Zealand. In combination with New Zealand Cricket (NZC), which administers the professional levels of umpiring and scoring, the NZCUSA is committed to including all umpires and scorers into the family of cricket and providing the training, resources, and opportunities for them to all become the best that they can be.

Consequently, this website caters for both prospective and existing umpires and scorers by providing information on getting started, training and training material, examinations, career pathways, umpire and scorer panels, umpire appointments, the laws of cricket, playing conditions, report forms, scoresheets, upcoming events, and the contact details for the NZCUSA Secretary, Board Members, regional Associations, and various umpire and scorer training officers throughout New Zealand.

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Annual General Meeting & Conference Registration is now open for the 63rd AGM and Conference Weekend to be held in Christchurch from 13th – 15th September 2019