The Training and Examination Process

The formal training of new umpires and scorers will usually begin with a pre-season training session with other new recruits. These are run by the Training Officers through their respective regional Umpires' and Scorers' Association, which new recruits will be invited to join. For umpires, these sessions are normally quite regular and are often also conducted during the season. For scorers, the sessions are less regular, but will be arranged on an as-required basis with the respective STO. At this point, the Training Officers will also provide new recruits with more written resources - most importantly 'The Umpire's Companion' and 'The Scorer's Companion' - although these can be downloaded from the Resources section.


For Umpires

Simultaneous with the training process for umpires is a series of three examinations that qualify umpires for Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 certification. These umpire examinations are a mixture of oral and written tests and are held at various times of the year, depending on the local Association, RTO, and the exam level. The Level 4 examination is administered nationally and is conducted at the end of each season. An overview of the exams is given in 'The Umpire's Companion' and new umpires can discuss the details of the exams, types of questions, and when these will be held each year with their Training Officers and fellow umpires. Please also refer to the Examination Regulations.


 For Scorers

Scorer Training Officers will provide new scorers, usually in relaxed one-on-one sessions, with basic instruction in the traditional pen-and-paper method of scoring, including how to keep a standard scorebook and a vertical running sheet. Currently, there is no formal examination process for scorers, as there is for umpires, but a system that mirrors the umpires' examination process is being planned and will be introduced over the next few years. Training in New Zealand Cricket's Feedback Cricket internet scoring software and the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern (DLS) system for determining the result of rain-affected limited overs matches is provided once scorers reach national tournament level.


In combination, this dual system of training and examination is intended to provide umpires and scorers with a clear Career Pathway up the various levels of cricket in New Zealand.