Level Three Umpiring

Any person who has passed the Level 2 examination is eligible to participate in the Level 3 modules and sit the examination.

Individuals seeking confirmation of their ability may take this examination, preferably after at least one season's umpiring. Candidates may take this oral or written one-hour examination after completing the nine-module course. Click here to contact your local training officer.

The Level 3 examination is in two parts. 100 marks are available; 80 marks attained across both parts represent an examination pass and all successful candidates will be issued a certificate.

Part One is on the Laws of Cricket together with any amendments and/or experimental Laws and the most recent edition of The Umpire's Companion as detailed in the syllabus; this part represents 80 marks.

Part Two is on the local Playing Conditions as set by the examination committee and represents the remaining 20 marks.

Umpires preparing for Level 3 can download The Umpire's Companion, as well as the syllabus and training modules here:

Umpire Module 3.1 Umpire Module 3.2 Umpire Module 3.3
Umpire Module 3.4 Umpire Module 3.5 Umpire Module 3.6
Umpire Module 3.7 Umpire Module 3.8 Umpire Module 3.9

Training officers can download Cricket Umpiring - Training Officers Companion Level 3 here.