Umpiring and Scoring Panels

New Zealand Cricket's Match Officials Manager administers umpires and umpiring above Level 4 and is thus responsible for selecting the national panels and their individual match appointments during the season. There are two NZC Umpire Panels: the Elite Panel (which does not include any New Zealand umpires on the ICC Elite Panel) and the Reserve Panel. Click here to view this season's Umpire Panels.


New Zealand Cricket's Cricket Technology Manager oversees scorers and scoring for community tournaments, national tournaments, Hawke Cup challenges, domestic competitions, and international cricket in conjunction with the six Regional Scoring Managers. Although there is no formal scorer panels, the six RSMs are effectively the most experienced scorers in each Major Association. Click here to view the six current Regional Scoring Managers.


For playing conditions, training material, and other documentation associated with umpiring and scoring proceed to the Resources section.