Level Two Umpiring

This level is targeted to senior school and club cricketers, and their coaches, etc. It may also be used as a pre-entry course for intending umpires.

The oral or written examination may be taken after completing the three-module course which is intended to be conducted in a class environment. Click here to contact your local training officer.

Any person who has passed the Level 2 examination, which has an 80 per cent pass mark, will be issued a certificate. 

Umpires preparing for Level 2 can download The Player Umpire's Companion (2013), as well as the syllabus and training modules here:

Umpire Module 2.1 Umpire Module 2.2 Umpire Module 2.3

Training officers can download Cricket Umpiring - Training Officers Companion Level 2 here.