Internet Scoring Software

In 2006, New Zealand Cricket adopted the internet scoring software 'Feedback Cricket - Live Scoring Edition (LSE)' as its method of providing live scoring to the website. The software is maintained and developed by NV Interactive, New Zealand Cricket's digital agency, that also provides NZC with its video analysis and replay screen/scoreboard scoring programme. The scoring software is now an integral part of the live scoring feature that delivers real-time coverage of all major games in New Zealand to the large number of online fans who follow the on-field action from homes and offices throughout New Zealand, and increasingly from their mobile devices wherever they are during games.


Considering the complex nature of cricket scoring, and especially the various idiosyncracies that can occur in any match, the Feedback Cricket software is very easy to use and robust. The live scoring is done by one of the two official scorers appointed to every international, domestic, and national tournament match in New Zealand, while the other scorer scores in the traditional pen-and-paper method to produce a hard-copy historical record of each match. The internet scorer is also an experienced pen-and-paper scorer, and most usually keep their vertical scoresheet while doing the live scoring; this provides a useful back-up in the infrequent event of a software glitch or power failure.



Currently, live scoring is provided to the http://www.nzc.nzwebsite for all BLACKCAPS and home White Ferns, New Zealand A, and New Zealand Under 19 internationals, and every game in the three men's and two women's domestic competitions. Live scoring of the four annual Hawke Cup district challenge matches was introduced in 2007/08 and of all national tournament games at Lincoln, through the Tournament Scorers Programme detailed on the Career Pathways section, in 2010/11. In that season the National Club Championships, held at Cornwall Park in Auckland every April, were also live scored for the first time, and the First XI secondary schoolboys tournament was added in 2011/12. The other four NZC Community Tournaments were live scored for the first time in the 2015/16 season, as well as the Hawke Cup Zone 4 Elimination Matches.


As a result of these developments, more than 400 matches are live scored every season, providing many opportunities for scorers to gain training and experience in the Feedback Cricket internet scoring software.