Level Four Umpiring

Before being eligible to sit this examination candidates must have passed the Level 3 examination and have umpired for at least two seasons, officiating at senior club level or higher, with colleagues who have attained this qualification.

Candidates may sit this examination after completing the nine-module course. The Level 4 examination is in two parts and an 80 per cent pass mark is required in both parts. All successful candidates will be issued a certificate. 

Part One is a one-hour oral examination on the Laws of Cricket together with any amendments and/or experimental Laws and the most recent edition of The Umpire's Companion plus the current NZC Playing Conditions.

Part Two is a two-hour written examination on the above publications. A failure in Part Two disqualifies a pass in Part One.

After passing this examination, an umpire may progress with further experience, satisfactory captains' reports, and grading & asessment to be considered for selection to officiate in matches under New Zealand Cricket jurisdiction.

Umpires preparing for Level 4 can download The Umpire's Companion, as well as the syllabus and training modules here:

Umpire Module 4.1 Umpire Module 4.2 Umpire Module 4.3
Umpire Module 4.4 Umpire Module 4.5 Umpire Module 4.6
Umpire Module 4.7 Umpire Module 4.8 Umpire Module 4.9

Training officers can download Cricket Umpiring - Training Officers Companion Level 4 here.