Proposed Scorer Levels

Proposed Scorer Levels

NZC's de facto National Scoring Manager and the six Regional Scoring Managers are developing a 'Scorer Certification' system that will, in general, follow the Umpire model, with formal assessments (written, oral, and practical) needing to be completed before scorers are eligible for appointment to the highest levels of domestic and international cricket.

At present, there are six proposed 'scorer levels' that correspond to the following levels of cricket:

Level One: Primary School and Junior Club cricket

Level Two: First XI School and Adult Club cricket

Level Three: Senior Club and District Cricket

Level Four: Provincial Age Group/A and National Tournament cricket

Level Five: Domestic and International cricket (pen-and-paper only)

Level Six: Domestic and International cricket (pen-and-paper and internet)

It is anticipated that once the process is established scorers will undertake their formal assessment at Level Four, for eligibility to Level Five and Six. The introduction of this system is still some way off, but more details will become available as the process is developed and established.

In the meantime, please contact your local Regional Scoring Manager for further 'informal' information on the proposed scorer levels.